hope you enjoyed yesterday’s email an that you were able to start using some of the resources I linked to, hopefully with success!So yesterday, we looked at eight strategies and […]

  • Travailler dans le salon

    Mon écriture : Je suis d’accord avec cette affirmation. C’est difficile à travailler à la maison, par exemple, il n’y a pas d’imprimeur et téléphone. On ne peut pas imprimer […]

  • 3.4 Important expressions and connectors

    4.3. Important expressions and connectors I have already given you some lists of important expressions and typical connectors for a subject of opinion like those of DELF B1. Here I would like […]

  • 3. 3 Specific tools for DELF B1 written production texts

    4.1. Typical structures for the test or article 4.1.1. The plan The plan must more or less have the structure proposed in our example. 1. Introduction: reformulate the subject 2. Idea / […]

  • 3.2. Let’s do the written production together!

    So far, we have mainly focused on the sentence. Now we will focus more on the text as a whole. We will therefore see tips for writing a text well but above […]

  • 3.1 Tips for writing

    Written expression is generally the most difficult skill to master in a foreign language, but this is particularly true for French! Expression is perhaps the most delicate part of the DELF […]

  • Chapter 2. Important information and advice

    3. Description of the DELF B1 exam Total duration of group tests: 1 h 55 Total mark out of 100. Success threshold for obtaining the diploma: 50/100 Minimum score required per test: […]

  • Chapter 6. Tips for understanding the written word

    Here we are finally at the last part of part 1 of the pack! Many of the things I will explain here are similar to Chapter 5. As for the […]

  • Chap. 5. Tips for understanding oral skills (DELF B1)

    Chapter 5. Tips for understanding oral So here we come to the parts of understanding. I will spend less time on these parts because, as you can imagine, I have less to explain […]

  • Story

    Everyday funny things about my family members Topic : My mum lives in another time zone 我阿媽係一個家庭主婦。佢日頭好忙,夜晚食完飯就休息。 我阿媽成日好夜訓,有時係佢訓唔着,有時掛住睇電視劇。細個嘅時候,我要自己起身,整早餐俾自己食,然後自己去補習。補完習,返屋企要叫醒佢,一齊去食午餐,然後我坐校車返學。 去到茶樓,我地好趕時間,馬上叫蕃茄牛肉炒飯,我好快食完,因為要趕住坐校車,如果迟到,就冇校車搭喇。 到今時今日,我阿媽約我食早餐,我有時都都仲要叫佢起身。