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  • LIVRE 1. CONSEILS ET MÉTHODES Clique sur chaque examen pour aller à la page en question. Chapitre 1. Introduction (page 3) 1. Pourquoi ce pack ? 2. Pour qui est…

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    Everyday funny things about my family members Topic : My mum lives in another time zone 我阿媽係一個家庭主婦。佢日頭好忙,夜晚食完飯就休息。 我阿媽成日好夜訓,有時係佢訓唔着,有時掛住睇電視劇。細個嘅時候,我要自己起身,整早餐俾自己食,然後自己去補習。補完習,返屋企要叫醒佢,一齊去食午餐,然後我坐校車返學。 去到茶樓,我地好趕時間,馬上叫蕃茄牛肉炒飯,我好快食完,因為要趕住坐校車,如果迟到,就冇校車搭喇。 到今時今日,我阿媽約我食早餐,我有時都都仲要叫佢起身。

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    Tony 2016 Jul 17 The teacher is very experienced, motivated, and prepared to help her students learn Cantonese! She achieves this using a very efficient and organized system she developed…

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